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PROBLEMS OF ENGINEERING SEISMOLOGY is founded in 1958. This is a peer-reviewed science journal. The papers related to assessment and mitigation of seismic hazard are published in the Journal. The topics are covered by the Journal are the following:

• description of strong recent and historical earthquakes, study of their impact and source parameters;

• study of ground motion produced by earthquakes;

• dependence of ground motion parameters on distance, magnitude, ground conditions and other factors, theoretical background of such empirical relationships;

• methods of seismic zoning at different scales and experience got through their applications;

• probabilistic analysis of seismic hazard, building models of earthquake scenario;

• impact of engineering conditions on the ground shaking, seismic microzoning, geological factors of seismic hazard;

• building of earthquake source models, media models and waveform models, which can be used in seismic loading assessments;

• macroseismic studies: development of scales, methods of analysis, historical earthquake catalogues;

• construction response on seismic loading, aseismic design of constructions;

• seismic risk analysis, economic aspects of seismic safety.