Acceleration time histories of the scenario earthquake in Moscow at sites with various soil conditions

O.V. Pavlenko

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Geodynamic and seismotectonic activity of the Eastern Tibet at the beginning of 21st century

Shen Tuo, E.A. Rogozhin

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Simultaneous impact of opencast and underground coal mining on the Earth¢s crust and induced seismicity

A.A. Emanov, A.F. Emanov, A.V. Fateev, E.V. Leskova

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Macroseismic intensity increment for seismic stations of Kamchatka relative to seismic station «Petropavlovsk»

Yu.V. Shevchenko, V.V. Yаkovenko

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Effect of the uppermost part of the soil profile on the site response

A.V. Kalinina, S.M. Ammosov, V.V. Bykova, R.E. Tatevossian

DOI: 10.21455/VIS2017.4-5