Volume 38 • 2011 • N 3

Prognosis of the strong ground motion parameters on the shillong plateauand in adjoining areas (North-East India)

O. Erteleva, F. Aptikaev, Saurabh Baruah, Santanu Baruah, Rajib Biswas,
Aditya Kalita, Sajal Deb, Juan R. Kayal 


Consideration of rare events in the basis of safe placement of nuclear power plants

E.G. Bugaev 


Paleoseismological research and long-term seismic regime of Nordsakhalin

E.A. Rocozhin, S.N. Rodina 


Comparative analysis of rock jointing in west and east parts of the North Vietnam

T.P. Belousov, Nco Thi Ly, Kao Din Chieu, Ye.A. Dolginov, S.F. Kurtasov,
R.Yu. Stakhovskaya 


Changes in the diurnal periodicity of southern California earthquakes near the catalog magnitude of completeness

A.Ya. Sidorin 


On the estimations of the 1829 earthquake intensity in Irkutsk

Lyudmila I. Kozyreva, Alexander Ya. Sidorin