Paleoseismological dislocations and paleoearthquakes in the area of Primorsky fault (Baikal Lake)

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Paleoseismic research of the epicentral area of the 1885 Belovodsk earthquake in the Northern Tien Shan

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Geological evidences of strong earthquakes in Kerch-Taman region

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February 1, 2011 Zagansk earthquake in the low-activity region of Western Transbaikalia: Observations and analysis

V.I. Melnikova, A.I. Seredkina, Ya.B. Radziminovich, A.I. Melnikov, N.A. Gilyova, Ts.A. Tubanov






Analysis of the diurnal periodicity in the Dushanbe-Vakhsh earthquake catalog using Rayleigh–Schuster’s hodograph

A.V. Desherevskii, A.Ya. Sidorin