Deformation structures in glaciolacustrine deposits of the Khibiny and assessment of its seismogenic potential

E.S. Gorbatov, S.F. Kolesnikov




On stirring up seismicity in the region of Central and South Asia after Makran earthquakes: Possible acceleration of preparation for large seismic events in the region of Tien Shan

Yu.F. Kopnichev, I.N. Sokolova




Archeoseismological research in the ancient capital of the Crimean khans – Salachik

A.M. Korzhenkov, D.A. Moiseyev, A.N. Ovsyuchenko, A.S. Larkov, A.V. Marahanov, E.A. Rogozhin, S.A. Emrullaev




Сейсмическая опасность и детерминистическая оценка риска г. Гюмри

А.С. Караханян, А.Р. Аракелян, Г.Е. Бабаян, С.Г. Бабаян, Р.Р. Дургарян, М.Р. Геворгян, Г.В Оганесян




Comparison of Greece seismicity parameters using samples of clustered and single earthquakes

A.V. Desherevskii, G.A. Popandopulo, A.Ya. Sidorin