On traces of a strong earthquake in walls of the Sary-Bulun medieval sites along the Great Silk Route (Western Issyk-Kul lake region, Northern Tien Shan)

A.M. Korzhenkov, D.V. Luzhanskii, S.V. Abdieva, E.V. Deev, T.L. Pavlis, E.A. Rogozhun, I.V. Turova, A.S. Yudakhin




July 22, 2011, Mw = 4.5 earthquake in the Argun low-seismicity area

Ya.B. Radziminovich, A.I. Seredkina, V.I. Melnikova, N.A. Gilyova




The technogenic ML = 6.1 Bachatsky earthquake of 18 June 2013 in Cuzbass: The world strongest event during mining operations

A.F. Emanov, A.A. Emanov, A.V. Fateev, E.V. Leskova




Estimating the amount of blasts in the Dushanbe-Vakhsh earthquake catalog

A.V. Desherevskii, A.Ya. Sidorin




Experimental study of the possibility to reconstruct the shallow-water sediments structure using the Scholte wave registration

S.S. Akopova, E.A. Biryukov, A.G. Grigoriev, S.A. Tikhotskiy, D.Yu. Shur




Aftershocks of the Racha earthquake of 29 April 1991

V.Yu. Burmin