About strong earthquakes in the early middle ages on the Derbent section of the West-Caspian coast and seismic potential of the studied section

A.A. Nikonov


Kolyvan earthquake 09.01.2019 with ML = 4.3 and features of induced seismicity in the conditions of the Gorlovsky coal basin

A.F. Emanov, A.A. Emanov, O.V. Pavlenko, A.V. Fateev, O.V. Kuprish, V.G. Podkorytova


Features of the manifestation of the Muong Ang earthquake, January 08, 2018, in the north-west of Vietnam

Ngo Thi Lu, V.Yu. Burmin, Phung Thi Thu Hang, Nguyen Huu Tuyen , Mai Xuan Bach, Ha Thi Giang


Seismic hazard maps of the North-West and Central Caucasus on a detailed scale

V.A. Akimov, V.A. Zaitsev, A.S. Larkov, A.I. Lutikov, A.N. Ovsyuchenko, L.V. Panina, E.A. Rogozhin, S.N. Rodina, A.I. Sysolin


Seismic impact in free-field (response spectra and accelerograms)

A.V. Kalinina, S.M. Ammosov, V.V. Bykova, R.E. Tatevossian, M.A. Inozemtsev


In memory of Sergey Alexandrovich Fedotov

A.Ya. Sidorin