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PROBLEMS OF ENGINEERING SEISMOLOGY is founded in 1958. This is a peer-reviewed science journal. The papers related to assessment and mitigation of seismic hazard are published in the Journal. The topics are covered by the Journal are the following:

• description of strong recent and historical earthquakes, study of their impact and source parameters;

• study of ground motion produced by earthquakes;

• dependence of ground motion parameters on distance, magnitude, ground conditions and other factors, theoretical background of such empirical relationships;

• methods of seismic zoning at different scales and experience got through their applications;

• probabilistic analysis of seismic hazard, building models of earthquake scenario;

• impact of engineering conditions on the ground shaking, seismic microzoning, geological factors of seismic hazard;

• building of earthquake source models, media models and waveform models, which can be used in seismic loading assessments;

• macroseismic studies: development of scales, methods of analysis, historical earthquake catalogues;

• construction response on seismic loading, aseismic design of constructions;

• seismic risk analysis, economic aspects of seismic safety.


Unique descriptions of strong earthquakes over huge territory of Northern Eurasia together with research works in engineering seismology carried by scientists worldwide are published in the Journal. The Journal representatives in Italy, India and Kazakhstan support the Journal activity.

The Journal is illustrated with colour pictures. The English version is published by Allerton Press Inc.

The journal is published both in hardcopy and online editions and does not impose page charges.

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